2019 Home Design Trends

Each new year seems to usher in a new trend or two in design. 2019 of course, is no different. Below are the top 15 trends you should expect to see for this year.

2019 Home Design TrendsColor of the Year
For this year Pantone has chosen “Living Coral” a bright fun way to start off the year. It’s a great way to accent your home with a gorgeous pop of color that anybody would love.

Floral Fabrics and Wallpaper
The stark Scandinavian trend is starting to decline ushering in floral patterns and bold wallpaper. Consumers are getting tired of minimalist statements, bright colors and graphics are now becoming more popular.

Full Tile Backsplash
A full tile backsplash feature wall is a great investment for 2019. Creating a striking feature wall is a great way to give a tired kitchen new life.

Artisinal Fixtures
Gone are the days when everybody has the same faucet or light fixture. Now is the time to find that perfect element nobody else has. Artisinal fixtures add great personality to any space in your home.

Natural Elements
While 2018 design trends were dedicated to technology this is the year natural elements make a comeback. From plants to stone or granite organic materials bring a calmness to any space.

While rose gold dominated in 2018 we will see less rose gold and a higher rate of copper or other metals. With its warm earthy hue copper is guaranteed to make a statement in any home.

Rich Jewel Tones
Jewel tones are the perfect way to dress up white space. From emerald, ruby, jade or amethyst layered jewel tones create interest in any space.


While it never really went away boho is back in a really unexpected way. For example, layered fabrics but with bold unexpected patterns. Now is a great time to add some whimsical character to your space.

Home Design Trends Remodeling in 2019Bold Black
Gone are the days of solid white bathrooms. Now the trend is sultry and sleek but still maintaining a spa-like feel.

Light Wood Floors
Thanks to homeowners wanting to maintain an open and airy feel light hardwood floors are on their way back. Birch, light oak or even white these floors reflect more light giving homes a brighter and lighter feel.

Gone are the days where comfort was sacrificed for style. Now rich carpets, soft couches, and luxe fabrics are all in high demand.

Black and White
A timeless trend that continues to make a statement, black and white decor will be something to incorporate this year. The contrast will simultaneously add drama and balance to any room.

With fabrics like velvet and curved furniture coming back it is no surprise that the 70’s are having a moment when it comes to design. Expect to see warm palettes, funky design, and high personality rooms in 2019.

Window Walls
Sunlight never goes out of style! With full walls of windows, you are guaranteed to both maximize the view as well as any natural sunlight that may shine your way.

Spanish Style
The relaxed casual Spanish and other Mediterranean styles check a lot of boxes homeowners are looking for. It’s light, airy, and above all else comfortable. With creamy walls, wrought iron accents, large fireplaces, and natural wood it is a simple and classic style.

Above all else, with trends, it is important to remember that at the end of the day they are just trends. Look at your own personal style and decide what works best for you and your home.

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